"Formation and decay of negative ion states up to 11 eV above the ionization energy of the nanofabrication precursor HFeCo3(CO)12"
F. T. R. Kumar, R. Bjornsson, S. Barth, O. Ingolfsson*      Chem. Sci.       2017,       DOI: 10.1039/C7SC01927K   online:    Link to the paper

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"Aerosol-assisted CVD of thioether-functionalised indium aminoalkoxides"
F. Biegger, F. Jungwirth, M. S. Seifner, C. Rameshan, S.Barth*    Monatsh. Chem. - Chemical Monthly  2017, 148, 1385-1392.
Link to the paper

"Inducing Imperfections in Germanium Nanowires"
S. Biswas*,  S. Barth, J. D. Holmes*    Nano Research  2017, 10, 1510-1523.
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"Humidity sensor based on Ge NWs selectively grown on suspended microhotplates"
J. Sama*,  M. S. Seifner, G. Domenech-Gil, J. Santander, C. Calaza, I. Gracia, S. Barth*, A. Romano-Rodriguez*    Sens. Actuators B  2017, 243, 669-677.
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72 "Gas sensors based on individual indium oxide nanowire"
G. Domenech-Gil*, S. Barth, J. Sama, P. Pellegrino,  I. Gracia, C. Cane, A. Romano-Rodriguez,   Sens. Actuators B   2017, 238, 447-454.
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71 "High-k Dielectric Passivation: Novel Considerations Enabling Cell Specific Lysis Induced by Electric Fields"
K. J. Wassermann*, S. Barth, F. Keplinger, C. Nöhammer, J. R. Peham    Appl. Mater. Interf.  2016, 8, 21228–21235.
Link to the paper on the ACS webpage

70 "Thioether-functionalised gallium and indium alkoxides in materials synthesis"
F. Biegger, C. Rameshan, A. K. Opitz, J. Noll, T. Haunold, H. Lang, S. Barth*,   New. J. Chem.  2016, 406962-6969.
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"Site-selectively grown p-type Ge NWs as a gas sensor"
J. Sama*,  G. Domenech-Gil, I. Gracia, J. Santander, C. Cane, M. S. Seifner, S. Barth, A. Romano-Rodriguez  Procedia Engineering 2016, 168, 1056-1060.

68 "Structure and energetics in dissociative electron attachment to HFeCo3(CO)12"
K. T. R. Kumar, S. Barth, R. Bjornsson, O. Ingolfsson*         Eur. Phys. J. D , 2016, 70, 163.
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67 " Site-selectively grown SnO2 NW networks on micromembranes for efficient ammonia sensing in humid conditions"
J. Sama*, S. Barth, G. Domenech-Gil, J. D. Prades, N. Lopez, O. Casals, I. Gracia, C. Cane, A. Romano-Rodriguez*    Sens. Actuators B, 2016, 232, 402-409.

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M. S. Seifner, P. Pertl, J. Bernardi, S. Biswas, J. D. Holmes, S. Barth*    Mater. Lett. 2016, 173, 248-251.

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 F. Biegger, S. Barth*  Monatsh. Chem. - Chemical Monthly 2016, 147, 361-368.


64 Neu zusammengesetzt: Gruppe-14-Elemente als Halbleiter“
S. Barth*, M. S. Seifner  Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2015, 1172-1175.

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M. S. Seifner, F. Biegger, A. Lugstein, J. Bernardi, S. Barth*  Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 6125-6130.

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S. Barth*, F. Biegger, M. Puchberger  Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 16439-16445.

61 Direct writing of CoFe alloy nanostructures by focused electron beam induced deposition from a heteronuclear precursor”
F. Porrati*, M. Pohlit, J. Müller, S. Barth, F. Biegger, C. Gspan, H. Plank, M. Huth Nanotechnology 2015, 26, 475701.

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S. Barth*, M. S. Seifner, J. Bernardi  Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 12282-12285.

59 Low-cost fabrication of zero-power metal oxide nanowire gas sensors: trends and challenges
J. Samà*, J. D. Prades, O. Casals, S. Barth, I. Gracia, C. Cané, G. Domenech-Gil, F. Hernandez-Ramirez, A. Romano-Rodríguez  Procedia Engineering 2015, 120, 488 – 491.

58 Gas nanosensors based on individual indium oxide nanostructures
G. Domenech-Gil*, J. Samà, P. Pellegrino, S. Barth, I. Gracia, C. Cané, A. Romano-Rodríguez  Procedia Engineering 2015, 120, 795 –798.

57 Locally grown SnO2 NWs as low power ammonia sensor
J. Samà*, S. Barth, R. Jiménez-Díaz, J. D. Prades, O. Casals, I. Gracia, C. Cané, A. Romano-Rodríguez  Procedia Engineering 2015, 120, 215 – 219.


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50 Nanoscale ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of Sb2S3 nanowire arrays”
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